Privacy Policy

What is personally identifiable information:

Personally identifiable information is information about you, such as name, street address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other information that can be used to specifically identify or contact you.

How is information collected:

Information We Collect: As part of providing you with your insurance product and services, we obtain nonpublic personal information about you including: Information we receive from you on applications, surveys, online registration or other forms (such as your name, address, social security number and income); Information about your account and transactions (such as your account number and payment history); Information about your credit history, and other information about you that we obtain from consumer reporting agencies; Information regarding your driving history, including past traffic tickets and accidents.

How is personal information used:

We will only use this information in our quoting and policy issuing processes. We will not disclose or sell your information to any third-parties unless we have full written consent to do so. We do not see any reason to ever need to do this. We value your privacy and by insurance law and regulation, we are required to maintain your information through secure and ethical means. We pledge to only share your information with insurance carriers that are attempting to quote or issue your policy, entities legally requesting information via subpoena or other legal means, insurance adjustors, or insurance rating and premium financing companies.

Our policy is we pledge to protect your information!

We pledge to you, our valued customer, that the information you have provided to us to obtain appropriate insurance coverage will be used for just that purpose and that purpose only. We will not share such information with nonaffiliated third parties, such as banks, security firms or other institutions.